Can you guys do me a favor?  Pray for Charlotte.  Monday night she had a fever w/ a temp of 101.4.  We called the doc and was told to give her baby Tylenol.  Her temp went down overnight and she was fine. She had shown no other signs or symptoms of anything beyond a high fever.  Well this morning when she woke up, she was burning hot again, so I checked her temp and it was 101.8 but this time she sounded like she had some chest congestion.  Another call to the doc and they said to give her Tylenol, extra fluids, put a humidifier in her room, and give her some saline drops in her little schnoze. So, that’s what we are doing.

We’ve already prayed and thanked God for His healing power and we’ve spoken to Charlotte’s body in the name of Jesus and commanded it to be healed.  But added faith and prayer always helps!! Thanks y’all.  I’ll report back when she’s feeling better.



5 thoughts on “cooties

  1. poor kiddo. I’ll definitely be praying for her. Don’t worry tho… kids are sooo much more resiliant than we are. What you/Charlotte are going through is really very typical… the fever, runny nose, etc. Keep her fever down with the tylenol, keep her hydrated, & let her rest & she’ll be as good as new by tomorrow. I’m sure of it 🙂

  2. something else, just a thought – i got this from my mother when tyy was born… (obviously her temp seems to be pretty high, so meds might be best in this situation) but i try not to give tyy medicine except when absolutely necessary, so i try to use cool baths when/if he runs a temp. its just a more natural way to cool the body down. remember, in chem class when heat is a by-product of action? that is what is being produced from our bodies when the white blood cells are fighting off the nasty stuff…. so, just a thought 🙂

  3. yeah… our doctor always suggest putting our kids in a luke warm bath & letting the water cool down with their bodies. Brian has actually gotten in the bath with the kids before, so that he can feel the water temp & their body temp… also take a rag & constantly squeeze it over them while they sit. It really does work well… & like Nichole said… it’s a more natural way to cool the core body temp.

  4. I agree with Infritzky. Tylenol, although great in low doses, can affect internal organs such as kidneys and liver. The natural way, soaking in lukewarm water, is much better seeing is how you have the time. Just know that her immune defenses are at work and causing the high temp. This too shall pass. Hope she is alot better for her trip next week.

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