circle circle dot dot

now I have my cootie shot. Circle circle square square, now I have it everywhere. Circle circle knife knife, now I have it all my life.

Strange that I remember that.  Well, Charlotte seems to be over her little cootie-party.  Her temp went down yesterday around 6pm, her congestion is a lot better, and she’s not quite so snotty.  She’s eating a full meal again and sleeping (mostly) like normal.  I say mostly because while she was fighting the cooties she was pretty much held the entire time.  So she got a little used to it, and as I type this, she’s in her room re-learning the cry-it-out concept.  This morning she took the whole 15 minutes plus another 5 minute check. Well, she just got quiet and its only been 7 minutes = progress! Once we get back on that routine, then things will pretty much be back to normal. Thanks for all your advice and prayers, they were put to good use.

I hear the party last night was absolutely rockin’!  Props to Jon Delgado for dressing like a Newsie, how cool is that?! I can’t wait to see all your pictures!  I will be putting my dress into the back of the closet for next year.  Hopefully I’ll even have to have it altered down more for next year, hehe. Well I hope you had a great time last night.  Charlotte and I hung out at “Grandma” Cynthia’s.  We watched Fred Clause, ate some Bojangles, Charlotte played and I got some much needed work done on unfinished Christmas gifts.  Charlotte even “scooted” on her knees for the first time!  So all in all it was a productive night.  … not quite as glamorous as I had hoped, but fun nonetheless.


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