all by my lonesome

Today I’m all by myself.  Jamie and Charlotte are out today. This is so strange. I can take a long shower.  Dry my hair. Put on makeup, perfume even. Oh, and I can keep me to myself for longer than 3 hours, ifyaknowwhaddamean. This is kinda cool. Its strange though, because every now and then I think I hear Charlotte cooing in the other room. When amputees still feel pain in thier amputated limb they call it “Phantom Limb” … so what is this, “Phantom Baby”?? 

And my camera was kinda funky, so that’s why I haven’t uploaded any new pics of Charlotte.  But don’t you worry your pretty little head, I’ve got some cute pics of her to show you.  All I can say is “santa hat”.  Oh yes. 

Well, I’m gonna go now and enjoy my solitude.  Talk with ya tomorrow … oooooooh, tomorrow is Christmas Eve! So fun!


3 thoughts on “all by my lonesome

  1. enjoy your time! the more babies you have, the more far & few between these moments come. Funny how you learn to appreciate them so much more. I seriously crave ‘me time’. I don’t make any phone calls, etc… I just go to my ‘nothing box’… & yes, women can have those too. haha.

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