one word

Earlier this year I read a blog that talked about the one word project.  I begin to think about what word I would choose for 2009.  There are so many good things to focus on and the English language is never at a loss for interesting words, so the choice was tough.  But try as I may, I couldn’t decide on a word.  Until I started decorating my Christmas tree.  Inspiration can come from strange places.


Joy. So many things summed up in three small letters.  Joy can make you laugh, it can make you cry, it can inspire song or silence.  In 2009, I want to find the joy in everything.  The small moments, the quiet days, the busy-ness, the huge celebrations.  This goes beyond looking on the bright side of things, this will cause me to really dig deep to discover the often hidden creme filling of life.

I was pretty sure that this was going to be my word for 2009, but something that happened last night confirmed it for me.  As I lay in the quiet moments just before sleep overtakes you, Jamie said something really unexpected.  He had been quiet for a few minutes, but I could tell he wasn’t asleep (perhaps it was the lack of snoring, haha).  Then he said, “my favorite times I spend with you are when you are laughing uncontrollably”.  Then he proceeded to recall a time two nights before when I was about to fall outta my seat from laughing at him but couldn’t laugh out loud because Charlotte was asleep in the room… which induced another round of laughing from me because it was just so funny (aah, shrunken head dogs and itchy throats).

Learning that my joy and laughter causes Jamie’s joy is motivaiton enough to seek to find joy in every moment of every day.

What word do you want to guide your 2009?


3 thoughts on “one word

  1. what a wonderful word jen; the pastor at the christmas lighting at my mothers church christmas eve spoke about the word ‘joy’ -he said that it was a word incomparable to ‘happiness’ because it is what Christ provides and not what this world provides. i like it, but for me for 09, i think i will go with ‘peace’ 🙂

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