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I have come to realize that everything I say will eventually leak out my beautiful daughter’s little mouth.  So I’m trying to stop saying words like “crap” and “butt”.  While fine, in my opinion, for a teen or grown person … hearing a little 1 year old say them could be traumatizing.  So I’m trying.  

Anyway, that’s not the point of this post.  This post is to ask advice.  We have 2 dogs that live outdoors but visit the indoors mostly daily (when Jamie isn’t home they live completely outside).  Our backyard is def. a home for two dogs … aka they aren’t polite like pigs.  So they run around outside in the dirt, grass, and other various aspects of nature… then they come inside. This has never really been an issue for me mostly b/c I never really thought about it, but I would clean my floors and I don’t lick the bottom of my feet anyway. But now I have a little one thats about to start crawling, and she DOES lick the bottom of her feet and her hands that she will be using as feet while crawling.  So what do I do?  I found a steam cleaner for $40 at Target that I’m gonna get and I think I’m gonna train the uglies to stay only in the kitchen after I have my carpets cleaned again, then only allow Charlotte to play on the kitchen floor after its been cleaned (is that hoping for too much?).  Is there anything else that I’m missing?  I know TONS of families have dogs that are the indoor/outdoor variety, what do you do to keep your kids from getting gross?  … Oh and then there is the issue of how to clean up the backyard for her to play back there.  I mean, I’m not a clean freak or a germ-a-phob, but seriously, thats gross.  Any one have any advice??

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6 thoughts on “aww poop

  1. Not sure what to say since I will be in the same boat this time next year. So let please let me know what you learn. We had dogs growing up, but intill my brother and I were about 10 they stayed completly outside. I can help you with the yard issue. Keep a shovel handy or one off those poop scoops they make and just trow the poop over the back of the fence since you don’t have neighbors back there, thats what my parents always did and I don’t recall there being a yucky smell from it.

  2. We never had dogs until my sisters were beyond the baby age, but we did have cats. I think my mom just cleaned like normal, which for her was vacuum a couple times a week, sweep and mop maybe once a week. I realize, though, that cats aren’t quite as bad about bringing stuff in as dogs, especially compared to big dogs. I think one thing she often did though was to have a blanket down for my sisters to play on when they were still in that crawling phase. Also, I don’t remember a lot of barefootedness for my sisters, but it has been 14-15 years since the youngest was that young.

  3. We have two dogs too. We also have the luxury of a 4 1/2 acre lot of land and can fence an area off for Timmy to play in when the time comes. If you can fence off the play area that would be the best and easiest thing so you’re not always having to clean the backyard with a pooper scooper. As far as the house, our dogs are house dogs and my floors stay a mess. My plan is to keep certain rooms gated off (like a playroom) where the dogs can’t go and Timmy can crawl and play ’til he’s all tuckered out. As much as I hate to keep our dogs gated it’s the best thing to do. When Timmy is where they are I put him in his exersaucer or walker so he’s not on the floor. I don’t know if any of this helps you?! It’s hard with animals because you don’t want to neglect them either and you want them to feel loved and a part of the family.

  4. yeah, i definitely think designated areas is the best option for this concern; however, you do want to keep in mind that the world has always been here for every baby who has grown up into an adult – there always has been and always will be ‘germs’ and other things of the like for babies to get into and more likely than not, it wont kill them, lol…

  5. I agree completely with Nichole. Although… our dog is inside, so we don’t have to worry too much about her being outside for long periods of time & then coming back in with whatever she’s been rolling in outside. It’s been proven that having animals is extremely healthy for children… they actually help children to build strong immunities without getting them really sick. I’m really OCD about my home being super clean & germ-free, but I’ve had to relax & learn that there are some things that really will be okay if it comes into contact with the kiddies. It grosses me out even thinking of Cale’s hands touching the floor of the nursery… but I’ve had to relax & remember that he will survive it. haha.

    & YES… expecting Charlotte to only play on the kitchen floor once it’s been cleaned is definitely hoping for too much. Sorry to burst that dream. haha. An exersaucer/walker may last for a few months, but once she is really mobile, making a whole room (that you need to be in & out of) off limits isn’t likely going to work out.

    Wish I had some good advice for dealing with the fact that the dogs ARE outside alot of the time. I don’t know that I would be comfortable with letting them in without baths myself.

  6. This might seem wierd to our germaphobe world but I don’t plan on doing anything different, not that different anyway. If the dog comes in and gets ickiness on the floor, I’ll clean it and she wont be able to go there for a few minutes. Other than that, I grew up on a farm and everyhthing that could happen mostly did, and I would not change that in my growing up years for anything. It made my world more fun living a little “germy” haha. This probably did not help you at all, and probably made you think I’m gross….hehe.

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