white men CAN jump

Just the other day Jamie was telling Charlotte how he used to be able to jump really well, he was talking to her about basketball I think.  But he said that he can’t jump like he used to.  Oh, but yes he can. Last night as we were sitting on the couch having a little chat, we heard a crash from the other room.  I had a basket of laundry sitting next to me and before I could even think about reacting, Jamie had jumped off the couch, leaped over the laundry basket and cleared the corner of the couch and had Charlotte’s door open and light on.  He had to have jumped several feet up in the air and cleared at least 8 feet before landing.  It turned out that it was just the big frog bath toy scooper thingie on the bathroom wall that had crashed onto the tub, but Jamie’s jump was pretty incredible.  He thought it was her crib crashing down which is why he moved so fast. And then afterwards his hand was shaking and he felt compelled to look up hand-to-hand fighting techniques … he said it was the adrenaline. So the moral of the story … white men CAN jump.

But they can be sore losers on a bet.  I won fair and square. He bet 65 I bet 55, and the actual temperature was 58.  THAT ladies and gents, means that I win.  I rest my case. 


2 thoughts on “white men CAN jump

  1. [Jamie forgot that I can edit comments…] the bet was 65. you said 55 and you win. I dont think there needs to be anymore discussion on this. seems pretty clear to me.

    [original post] the bet was 60. 65 was the initial exaggeration to spark a conversation. you said 55 and i said you want to bet, its at least 60…therefore I win the gold goes to me. I dont think there needs to be anymore discussion on this. seems pretty clear to me. any other comments will just be proof that im right.

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