more like lime green

So I’m not as granola as I’d like to think I am, or as I hope to be.  I’m not so much a dark, deep down in my heart, forest green … more like a spunky lime green.  (Tina Green for those of you who know Ms Burrows).  As of tomorrow morning my anti-green side is going to score one point.  You see, in the morning, I plan on taking a shower (woah, I know) and using conventional shampoo and conditioner.

For the past week I’ve been trying the Baking Soda – Vinegar hair care regimine.

I must report that I don’t like it.  The lady I heard about it from said that it took several weeks for her hair to get unfunky.  Conventional shampoo has so much junk in it that your hair doesn’t know what to do.  The chemicals in the shampoo fry your scalp and so your skin produces more oils to repair it, which means you wash your hair more, and so the cycle begins.  When you switch to natural recipes, your hair has to detox.  It still produces too much oil, so it takes time for it to realize that it can slow down.  They say that with the natural stuff you can even skip a day of hair washing with no obvious effects.  But this is just too much.  I can’t stand it any more.  Perhaps if I muscle through another week or so I could get to the end and have fantastic naturally clean hair … but I just don’t have the patience for this.  I remember in middle school this girl whose hair was always greasy (oily hair = one day w/o showering;  greasy = can’t remember the last time you showered, your hair is kinda stuck in one place).  I remember thinking, “I don’t ever wanna look like that”.  So perhaps I have this phobia of being the greasy haired girl.  And right now I feel like I look like the greasy haired girl.  I shower everyday. I’m clean, I promise.  But tomorrow my hair will “look” clean again.  It may not be actually clean b/c of all the chems, but dang it, its gonna look good.

If any of you have seen me this week and wondered what the deal was with the nappy head… now you know.


6 thoughts on “more like lime green

  1. I’ve heard it recommended, by a hair professional, to use this recipe from time to time anyways, to go ahead and get all the junk out of your hair. I personally don’t worry that much about my hair, I basically get new hair every 1-2 months so…yeah.

  2. I saw you this past week but didn’t notice anything with your hair. Maybe it didn’t look as bad as it felt to you?! Regardless, I can understand about the hair issue. I can’t go a day without mine looking oily. I hate the way it feels and looks when I skip a day of washing it so skipping washing the hair doesn’t happen very often. As for trying the natural stuff, you are a better person than me because I don’t have the patience for it.

  3. Hey! Im glad you are going to shampoo again. I know there are conflicting thoughts, but mine is, if you use the natural remedy for too long you can strip your hair as well. It is the scalp that produces the oil not the hair shaft. You know, there are natural shampoos you can get from whole foods if you are interested. I know someone who buys theirs from there. They are natural and do not strip the hair of all natural oils.

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