I’m the kind of person that when I get something new, I MUST USE IT RIGHT NOW!  Like when I buy new clothes, I must wear them all before I put on anything “old”… some even making thier debut moments after purchase!  Or when I get a new snackie at the store, it must be tried as soon as I get home.  Or when I buy a gift for someone, they must open it right away, forget that Christmas is still 2 weeks away!  Well, I have been out of the bloggy world for the past few days because I was obsessed with my newest binge … the library!  I went and got a library card.  And I got 4 new books that day.  And went back 2 days later to get 3 new books.  So in the past few days I have completed 3 novels (oh how I heart Francine Rivers), perused an organic skin care book, tried to immerse myself in a ‘green cleaning’ book, and thought about looking through the uber-big-full-o-pictures sewing extravaganza book.  I’m coming outta my smell-of-old-book buzz, and realized how long I hadn’t checked on your blogs!  And you guys posted some really amazing stuff!

Oh, and I’m sad to report that I am struggling with another new obsession … facebook.  Pray for me!

Thanks for all your wonderful comments on the post about my Grandmother’s birthday.  If you remember, please pray for her, she has a high fever and is getting weaker.  Include my mommie in your prayers too because she is sitting with her day and night to help her eat/drink/etc.  Thanks!

I’ll post something super amazing tomorrow … probably about Charlotte. She’ll be 6 months old tomorrow and will be trying rice cereal for the first time. This should prove amusing!


One thought on “binges

  1. I’m the same way when I get something new….lol. Did you read Tammy’s blog about “Don’t Be A Hater”. When you mentioned FB it made me think about her blog. It was good. I’ll be praying for your mom and grandmother.

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