new ‘do

I got a hair cut today.  Well, I actually got more than one hair cut, but I got a “hair cut”.  (Probably no one actually gets that…)  And I heart it.  I got my hair cut just before Christmas… but I didn’t like it.  I paid WAY too much money for the lady to trim my hair and talk me outta what I really wanted.  So this time I went elsewhere for a for-real hair cut.  And Sariah Zayas did such a great job!!  I’m super happy with it! And she did a great job on Jamie’s hair too.  She’s been “doing hair” for like 4 years now, and she’s really good.  Everyone should go to her. (Sariah, I’ll be happy with a 5% marketing fee 🙂 )

Don’t I look great…

That’s all for today.


3 thoughts on “new ‘do

  1. Nice one. I love the pic you posted. Funny! Hey, did you do anything different to your hair? Post real pics. I would love to see. Also, my step father always says that joke about getting “them all cut” lol. I got it lol

  2. I just hate bad hair cuts too! I posted about that a few months ago…lol..loved the pic tho. I’ll have to examine your hair so I know who to turn to next time.

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