93 – update

I thought I’d give you a quick update on my grandmother, Baby.  She has come down with pnuemonia.  She isn’t eating or drinking and can’t really even get out of bed.  Hospice is coming today to relieve my mom of bed-side duty.  Baby is ready to go home.  Her husband and daughter are waiting, and she’s ready to meet them again.  So could you guys pray that she goes quickly, comfortably, and peacefully.  And pray that my parents have comfort and peace too.  Thanks.

Oh, I found the picture I was gonna put in my original post…


3 thoughts on “93 – update

  1. I will definitely pray for exactly what you asked for. How very mature of you & your family to understand that it’s time… that letting her go is probably such a relief for her. How liberating & peaceful to be a Christian in times like these… to know that she is going somewhere that is incomparable to this world. I’ve imagined many times how hard it is for unbelievers to let go peacefully.

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