insert dog reference here

Who let the dogs out. Thrown to the dogs. Its a dog eat dog world. Its a dogs life. Ain’t nothing but a hound dog. Hot diggity dog. … You get the point.

Charlotte is starting to imitate the sounds around her.  Well, its not so much imitating the sound as it is the pitch.  We have started a new game where one of us makes a noise and the other one copies it.  It mostly consists of Mmms and Aaaahs, but you get the point.  On Sunday we were at Grandma Cynthia’s and I was holding Charlotte as she was trying to fall asleep.  An ambulance drove by the house and Rocco (Uncle Patrick’s beast of a dog) began to howl. We heard another noise and it took us a moment to figure out what it was.  Charlotte was howling with Rocco.  She wasn’t opening her mouth and throwing her head back, but she was just laying there matching his pitch.  It was hilarious.  Another noise she hears often is our little uglies in the back yard.  Shiloh is pretty quiet unless something is going on, but Sophie is a loud mouth.  She will bark at anything, and sometimes nothing at all.  And they tend to lay right under Charlotte’s bedroom window.  So Charlotte hears them all day … and all night.  This morning, Sophie was barking as normal, but we heard something else.  It kind of sounded like Sophie, but was coming from a different place. We realized it was Charlotte “barking” like Sophie.  She was in her crib, still mostly sleeping, but was imitating what she heard.  It was so funny.

What’s strange is that I remember stories of my sister doing this.  My sister is 7 years older than me, so I obviously wasn’t there.  But she was the first grandchild in the family, and was therefore the entertainment of family gatherings.  They would put my sister on the floor to play, but she would follow the dog around imitating her.  Apparently it was quite a sight.  Maybe its just a baby thing… I dunno.  Have your kids imitated anything?



2 thoughts on “insert dog reference here

  1. If Andrew turns out to be at all like his father then I have a feeling he will be imitating the dog as well. I can’t wait to see the silly things my kid will do when he gets here.

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