birthday cake

My birthday is in 11 days. And this is the cake I want for my birthday…




In case you don’t know what that is (because you are a HUGE goober and have been living under a rock … I say that with love of course), its a cake of Lost.  It has all the cast, a plane crash, a computer with the numbers, a suitcase, a gun, and of course Dharma beer.  I first saw this over on Cake Wrecks.

So… anyone wanna tackle this?  You’ve got 11 days, that should suffice.  But don’t forget about my birthday shoes.  kthanks!!


One thought on “birthday cake

  1. Amazing… no comments… maybe too much of an undertaking? Well, you know I would make it for you if you lived in Birmingham. I will make one and send you a picture. The picture will be just like the one you have posted!

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