At Stage20 we’ve been watching Rob Bell’s Nooma video series.  They are really awesome.  Rob Bell has a way of making you think.  I should have blogged about each one as we went, but it wasn’t until tonight that I realized how much I had actually begun to process and apply them.  I have so much swirling around in my brain, that I don’t even know where to begin!! So let’s just jump in and see where it goes….

God created us in His image.  And He is a creator, therefore, He made us to create.  You can see it through all of nature.  Apples create seeds which create more apples.  Humans create new humans.  We are made to create things.  So what am I creating?  In the book  Captivating, Stasi talks about how every woman is made to be a mother and to give birth.  This doesn’t always mean a physical birth of an actual child.  Perhaps it is your job to birth a movement, or a work of literature, or simply just be a mentor and “mother” a younger woman.  But we are all supposed to create and birth something.  Can I actually be honestly content and happy if I am not creating?

Tonight’s video talked about anger, the good and bad kind.  Anger isn’t bad, its just an emotion.  It is how you respond to that anger that determines its worth.  Do you use anger to fuel hatred and stupidity?  Or do you take that angery energy and create something healing and peaceful?  Do you see injustices and do nothing, or do you take that righteous anger and make a change to remedy that injustice?

So it all comes back to doing something.  Not just sitting there and letting life happen to you. You have to take what comes and create something out of it.  Take your circumstances, talents, anger, abilities, passions, and create. So what am I creating? What are you creating?


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