new size, no change

Its now at the end of the third week of p90x.  Almost time for the 30 day pictures!  It has seriously been kicking my tail… but that’s kinda the point! LOL.  Some days are better than others, I like some of the workouts better than the others.  I love the Ab Ripper… but Yoga is another story.  Its a good thing I go to see my chiropractor this week… all those upward dogs have really done a number on my lower back! And even though it has been a challenge… the results make it worth it.  Already we can see a physical change, some rolls are not quite as big as they used to be 🙂  I can tell a change in my own strength, flexibility, and energy level.  AAAANNNNDDD, I fit into some old pants that are a size smaller. Yay.  But something is confusing me…

I can see a change in the way my clothes fit, but the scale hasn’t really changed.  For the first 2 weeks, my weight didn’t change at all.  [Granted, this morning I stepped on the scale and had lost 5 pounds from last week, woo hoo].  But with all the exercising we’re doing, and the changes we’ve seen, I would have expected a bigger weight change.  Of course there is the line of “muscle weighs more than fat, and you are building muscle”, but the trainer on the Biggest Loser said that was a bunch of crap when one of the girls only lost 2 pounds after a month of being at home.  So, I dunno.  I’m happy with the results so far.  They are enough to motivate me to keep going.  And I’m trying not to let the scale bother me.  Its just that I have a pretty lofty goal and really important things on hold until I reach that goal… so I really wanna see the needle on the scale move to the left!!  Any of you have any advice?


One thought on “new size, no change

  1. It may have been “a bunch of crap” for the person on “Biggest Loser” but that doesn’t mean that it is for you. You don’t know if that person changed sizes or stayed the same. In your case, if you have gone down a size, it could be true that you have put on muscle and lost fat, and probably is. Also, be cognizant of when you weigh yourself. If you weigh one week on an empty stomach, when you just went to the bathroom, and you’ve been sweating a lot, then the next week you weigh yourself on a full stomach, when just drank a lot of water, and really need to go to the bathroom your scale may read the same, but your weight, apples to apples has gone down.

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