anniversary list

Today is our 3rd Anniversary. Its so hard to believe its been that long, but still only 3 years! There is so much to say about us, our family, our life.  But I thought the best way to organize my thoughts is to make a list.  So…

I made a list of reasons I heart Jamie (one for every month-iversary).

*EDIT- when i originally made this list, i did the math wrong. we’ve been married for 3 years, not 4.  hey, we all know he didn’t marry me for my brains!! 🙂

1. … well look at him.

2. he makes up silly songs

3. and he sings those songs to me

4. who that is, my baby daddy! who that is, my BABY daddy!!

5. he makes me laugh

6. he would shave his beard if I asked him too

7. he loves God more than he loves me

8. he saves me from certain death by disposing of any and all insects (especially moths!)

9. he loves my daughter

10. he took the 2am feedings when Charlotte was first born

11. he tells me daily that he thinks I’m beautiful

12. he learned how to dance merengue and mambo with me … in fact, it was his idea!

13. he is such an amazing and annointed teacher

14. he loves people

15. he never raises his voice (except when yelling at Sophie … but there really is no other way to communicate with that animal!)

16. he stands up for me, especially when i can’t seem to stand up for myself

17. he dressed up as Ryan Seacrest for Harvest Fest last year

18. he owns at least 4 Chuck Norris T-shirts

19. he makes his own sound effects

20. he randomly made me a “mixed tape” cd

21. he has started to not hate country music

22. he made me a bouquet of flowers with chocolates inside for Valentine’s Day year before last (yes, I said “made”)

23. he lets me steal his french fries

24. he took me back to the State Fair on our 2nd date just so that I could ride the elephant

25. he attempts to speak Spanish

26. he quite possibly owns more shoes than i do

27. foot massages

28. he understands how much I dislike laundry and how I’m really trying hard to get used to this “domestic” thing, so he doesn’t complain when he goes a couple days without clean socks.

29. he loves his “fat man pants”

30. he compliments me when the house is clean

31. he hates gossip

32. he encourages me

33. he inspires me to be a better person

34. he bought “Baby Wise” on audiobook (because reading is so 1990’s)

35. he loves technology, not as much as you, you see, but he loves technology, always and forever (gosh!)

36. he asks insightful questions (if you were a car, what kind of car would you be?)

37. he loves his community

38. he’s my best friend

39. he’ll give me a kiss, even if I’ve just had peanut butter

40. he’s always looking for something better

41. he doesn’t settle for average

42. he assembled the car seat without losing his salvation

43. he keeps me accountable in my battle against Bojangles

44. he asks me to sing … but never in public!

45. he thinks Charlotte is the 2nd most beautiful girl in the world

46. he bounces his ideas off of me

47. he’s fascinated by the orange peeler I got from Pampered Chef

48. and last but not least … the million +1 other reasons that wouldn’t fit in this list or I couldn’t share in such a public forum.



3 thoughts on “anniversary list

  1. 23. he lets me steal his french fries
    OK -this has nothing to do with your anniversary – but this is one of my memories of your childhood. I didn’t see you often but when I did, it was McDonald’s french fries three meals a day

  2. Aunt Karen – i would still eat fries every meal, if i could. but i don’t think my wardrobe would stand for it!! (or stretch for it, lol)

    Justin – lol, sure, he has the technical knowledge, but i banned him from it when some of my clothes became not so wearable for anyone bigger than a barbie doll. besides, he makes the $$, and i clean the laundry. its kinda like my job. 🙂

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