i heart new old things

Yesterday I went with Cynthia to a consignment sale at the Morrisville Outlet Mall (I know, right, where the heck is that??).  It was the last day, which means everything is 75% off, but most things have already been picked through.  However, I did manage to score some super awesome things!

I got all those toys and those three amazingly awesomely stupendously fantastic vintage story books for $1.87.  Go ahead, read that again, $1.87.  SCORE!  We also got 14 items of clothing for $20.  Yes ma’am!  Anywhoo, I just wanted to share my excitement with you!  I was gonna  go today with her to the “Mothers of Multiples” group sale, looking for a double stroller (no, no announcements, just planning for the future), but couldn’t b/c of Brandy’s baby shower (gosh!).  We had a great time at Brandy’s shower though, thanks Dawn and Jen Spinks for hosting!

And with that I seriously need to sleep.  I have to leave for el aeropuerto in less than 6 hours!!!!!!


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