potty precepts

I’ve learned over the years that some of the best revelations come while in the bathroom.  Whether the steam of the shower loosens the wax in your ears, or taking the pressure off your feet while seated somehow unblocks a path to your brain, some really great revelations have passed through my mind while in the bathroom.  And I’m not alone, just ask Jamie, he will tell you all about “bathroom spirituality” (its quite hilarious actually).  But the lesson that I learned most recently was this…

We are re-decorating some things around the house, our bathroom included.  So there is a mirror propped against the wall, waiting to be hung in the master bathroom.  One day while using the potty, I caught a glimpse of my feet in the mirror and realized just how exposed one would be if someone were to barge in.  And this got me thinking… So many times when we are being super not nice to someone (or for metaphors sake, dumping on them), we think we are being all big and bad and strong.  But in reality, we are exposing the most embarassing part of ourselves.  I’ve heard people call it “showing your butt” and as much as I don’t particularly care for that phrase, it is really by far the most accurate one.  When you are dumping your issues, your problems, your crap on someone for no reason, you really are showing your butt.  So don’t do that.  Don’t crap on people. It makes you look bad and them feel bad. So just don’t, mmkay?


8 thoughts on “potty precepts

  1. As you know, hurt people hurt people. We just have to pray that people will stop doing things to hurt one another. Especially those who are Christians. We need to be above all that and be an encouragement to one another instead of doing things to bring one another down. The world is full of people doing that already and we don’t need to add to it.

  2. Btw, I just wanted to say that I thought you made a very good point with this blog. I forgot to put that in my first comment…lol. Can I blame that on pregnancy brain even though I’m not pregnant…lol?

  3. I just wonder how many times someone is not “dumping issues and problems”, but instead sharing and maybe even seeking advice? It is all in the perception.
    Where is the line between dumping and sharing? Shouldn’t we be helping people by listening, praying with/for and perhaps advising them?
    Pastor Steve says there is always someone reaching up to you as you are reaching up to someone else.

  4. mama to many: yes, you are right, there is a difference. but what i was actually talking about was being mean to someone and “dumping” rudeness on them. sorry, i guess i should have clarified that more.

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