Last night at Stage20, we watched a Rob Bell Nooma Series video called Trees.  It was really good.  One of the last discussion questions was “Are you leaving your fingerprints on the world?”.  And someone, I think it was Nathan, said that we always leave fingerprints, no matter what/who we touch, the bigger question is are they good or bad fingerprints.  Oooh, good one Nate!  There is a song they always play on KLove about seeing the fingerprints of God on people.  But Rob Bell said, perhaps this is actually Gods world and WE are leaving OUR fingerprints on it.  That puts a lot more importance on what we do and dont do.  We are either helping God take care of the world, or molding the world into something that God never wanted it to be.  Selah.

And, no matter how many of us are working on a project, each of us always leaves our own unique fingerprint.  That is why YOU are important.  Without you, it just wouldnt be the same.  So… what are you leaving your fingerprints on?


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