now or later

With all the babies being born or about to be born in the church, I have been thinking about the strangeness of exactly how we came to be who we are.  Just think.  If you had been conceived just one month earlier or one month later, you would be a completely different person.  Or… if even one day later, you could be a totally different person!  The complexities of genetics are amazing.  If my parents hadn’t “accidentally” had me (yeah, thats right, I was the “we didn’t plan on having more children, but oops” baby!) when they did, if it had been any other time, I wouldnt be me. Which means I wouldnt be married to Jamie which means I wouldn’t have Charlotte.  If Jamie and I had tried for a baby earlier or later, Charlotte wouldn’t be Charlotte.  But the Bible says that God knew us before we were formed in our mommas bellies (I hate that “w” word, sorry).  So, our parents had free will to “do” when they “did”, but yet God knew who we would be.  Think about that for a minute and tell me your brain doesn’t hurt!!  So, if Jamie and I wait longer to have another baby, who is that baby going to be?  If we had a baby now, who would THAT baby be?? What if the baby we would have now is better than the baby we would have in like 6 months??  But if God knows our children before we do, does he have like a set list of children for us, and He combines the necessary genes together to make that particular child?  Like if I saw the index card for my parents children, would it have said “Erin, Sean, Jennifer” years and years and years before my parents were even born?  Woah, what if there were supposed to be other siblings… Okay, my brain is kinda hurting.  Oh, and then think about that family with 19 kids (the Duggars). Did God really have a list of all those kids?  And then that brings me into the conversation about Gods Will and Biology. I won’t go there today, maybe another post.  Anyway… so my concluding thought to tie it all together is this… God made me exactly the way I am, no accidents, and He made my daughter exactly the way He wanted her to be, and He will make all my children exactly according to His plan.  I just have to trust and hope (confident expectation!!) that I’ll hear His voice and know when the right timing is to have more children.

Sigh, enough of that for one evening. Time to go to sleep!! ttyl!


2 thoughts on “now or later

  1. Another question!! Did God also know that your mother would be strong enough to have you the same time she had the “flu”? I say yes because He knew what a strong person she was at that particular time. You might have been unexpected at first, but the closer March 1 came, the more you were expected and wanted, at least in my case. You are an exceptional person to ask all those questions above and your faith has answered all of them to His glory! God Bless You, Jamie and Charlotte, a family meant to be.

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