and just where have you been?

Okay, so, we need to talk.  Its been a while, huh?  The combination of not having a computer at the house all the time, having a 10 month old, and just not having an interest in blogging for a while, has taken its toll.  Isn’t it always the things you harass other people about that gets you… lol.  So I’m going to try to turn over a new leaf.  I’m going to be blogging more regularly, and by regularly I mean at least once a week.  So check back. Or for those of you who have Google Reader, just wait for it to pop up there!

All righty then, lets get down to business.  I watched a new show last night on (amazing website, probably my best friend).  Its called Glee.

Its about a teacher trying to revive the glee club at his cheerleader-dominated high school.  I was bored last night (Jamie was driving to High Point w/ Patrick for some Craigslist trade), so I watched it.  And I liked it.  Well, almost liked it.  The one thing that I’m sure is going to be a major theme in the show is the failing marriage of the teacher.  I mean, in episode 1 he’s complaining to his attractive co-worker about his marital problems… not a good start.  And I’m not sure how I feel about how they portray Christians with the football guys girlfriend being the President of the Celibacy Club … though it was pretty funny, “[kiss kiss kiss] hold on, let’s pray”.  If it wasn’t for the marriage issues, I’d really like this show. And I’m not sure if I should keep watching it or not.

We all want to hold high standards for our children, to teach them right from wrong, but yet we rarely hold those same standards for ourselves.  98% of the shows we watch are not suitable for Charlotte.  (Besides designing shows on hgtv, I can’t think of any that would be appropriate for her).  So why do we watch them?  I like to think that its because I’m an adult and can judge right from wrong, and even though I see/hear something wrong in a tv show, I know that is not how I will live my life.  Just because I see crazy serial killers on Bones/CSI/Law&Order, doesn’t mean that I’m going to go kill people.  Just because two unmarried characters are sleeping together on just about every show out there, doesn’t mean I’m gonna go shack up with someone.  BUT, when I watch stuff like that, it goes into my brain.  All that junk is in there somewhere.  BUT, I can’t hide myself from the world because when you are out and about among people you are going to see and hear things that aren’t “wholesome”, but you are able to differientiate between the good and bad.

Am I trying to justify wrong choices of entertainment, or overreacting about nothing?  What do you guys think? Where do you draw the line?


2 thoughts on “and just where have you been?

  1. i think this is a wonderful post, and such a great thought to ponder.

    …however, i dont know that there is any one black and white answer :/ lol

    i, personally, think that the “good” that you put in your body [ie: the Word, prayer time, christian music] needs to outweigh the “bad” [ie: primetime shows, secular music, etc] and i think that it is a personal thing,.. to know when it is slipping too much out of balance bc we will notice in our thoughts and in our actions and in our reactions.

    as a parent,.. one thing that i have noticed.. with a child that as they get older and they are more perceptive to what “we, adults” put in our bodies… what may be ‘ok’ for me, but still goes into him and is not ‘ok’ for him – is then inturn not ‘ok’ for me… did that make sense? lol

    🙂 again, great post.. thanks for sharing

  2. What a good post. Very thought provoking. Scot and I are already talking about shows that we watch and which ones we’ll need to dvr and watch when Timmy’s asleep. There are shows that we like to watch on the history, tlc, hg, and discovery channel that sometimes have bad language in them and so we are monitoring them now. There are devices out there that cut out the bad stuff and we are also looking into getting one of those. Kids are a sponge. They soak up everything as you already know so we are being proactive and getting a head start on keeping things “G” rated in our home. It’s a lot easier said than done though…lol.

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