Have you ever noticed that kids don’t like having their diaper changed?  I think its because they want to be naked, but we always insist on putting a stupid diaper back on just so they don’t pee all over everything (or poop, omw that would be awful).  As soon as they can, they start trying to take their clothes off.  And what adult wouldn’t honestly say that if they were the only human being on the entire planet, that they would walk around naked.  Its just the best.

And naked food is the best too. On Wednesday nights, I’m taking Karen Jasmine’s “Ladies Fitness and Nutrition” class.  It is simply amazing.  By no means is it your typical “eat right and exercise” type of class, no ma’am! She tells you like it is, no sugar coating (dadadum!), its in your face, honest-to-goodness stuff you need to hear.  My toes hurt, but its a breath of fresh air! To finally have someone be real about health and weight issues, to dig to the heart of the matter… its invigorating, and inspiring! The last class, Karen said something that I had technically heard before, but in a way that really struck me.  She pretty much said that if your food needs a label to tell you what it is, you probably shouldn’t be eating it.  Wow. How true? But NOOOOO One ever says that.   Too many people try to tell you what new diet food to eat or whatever, but if you just eat the foods that God made, the way He made them, you’ll be on the right track.  So, my goal is to slowly weed out the labels in my house.  Its a lofty goal, in this age of convenience (and oh am I the queen of convenient?!), but a healthy family is better than all that. Plus, the labels are big fat liars.  Funny story: I was at BJ’s the other day and saw a huge tub-o-peanut butter that said “Now made with No Partially Hydrogenated Oils”, and I thought “wow, I wonder what the ingredients are”, so I turned the tub over.  And they were right, they aren’t using partially hydrogenated oils, they are using fully hydrogenated oils.

[i had a really disgusting picture of hydrogenated oil to put here, but mozilla keeps crashing on me when i try to upload an image. sorry]

Sigh.  They must think we are all illiterate morons.  I embarassed my mom in the middle of BJs by laughing so loud about it. Isn’t it sad, that I was lured into looking at the ingredients because I was amazed a company would stop using a product that is dangerously unhealthy?  Sad times.  But there is a remedy, a solution, a way to fight back.

What changes can you make in your diet to make it more naked?  Or better yet, as Karen says, have a day where you eat just raw veggies… and I’m putting my twist on it, go NAKED one day! hehe, how fun would that be? (lets be real people, please don’t go around all nakie-free-bird, I’m talking about food here, geez).

I wonder how many hits I’m going to have because of the title, LOL.


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