simple love

I’ve had all these ideas to blog about, but nothing seems to form a complete thought, a complete sentence even.  But, not surprisingly, thats how my brain has felt lately.  Dull. Boring. Broken phrases. I seem to have hit some kind of mental road block, or maybe I just stalled out in the middle of traffic.  And I think the best way to get past it is to throw it into neutral, get out, and push.  To do that, I think I just need to start writing.  So if you will bear with me, this might actually end up with a coherent thought.  Then again… maybe not! Hehe!

Life feels like its in a holding pattern right now.  There are so many things on the horizon, but the horizon isn’t getting any closer.  Having the house on the market is great and exciting, but keeping the house in spotless condition is tough.  I feel like I can’t do anything.  I don’t want to get out the sewing machine and start any projects because I don’t want to have to rush to put it all away if we get a call from a realtor to show the house.  I feel like I’m living in someone else’s house.  Which I guess it kind of is since we want someone to buy it, lol.  But maybe I’m just using that as an excuse.  If I didn’t have to keep the house spotless and I could leave a sewing project out on the table for a day or two, would I? Or would I find some other excuse not to create.  I joke that HGTV is my creative outlet.  How sad is that? That I must live out my creative life vicariously through some stranger on tv?! I read all these blogs about all the wonderful things people are creating.  Why am I not doing this too?  I want to, I have ideas of things to do, I have dreams of things I want to create … so why am I not?

I just finished reading a really great book called “The 4:8 Principle”.  It talks about changing your habitual thought patterns to make your life more joyful and successful.  One of the things Tommy Newberry said was to visualize yourself doing what you dream of doing.  If your vision for your life is not crystal clear, then your brain doesn’t start taking steps to make it a reality.  Your brain doesn’t distinguish between vivid fantasy and reality.  So if you can visualize what you want your future to be in a clear and vivid way, then your brain thinks its reality and starts clearing mental road blocks and opening up “lost” information to make it so.  He suggested that you create a personal mission statement.  What do I want my life to look like in 5 years?  What do I want my family to be in 5 years?  What will I look back on 5 years from now and be grateful I did?  When I look back, what will I wish I hadn’t wasted my time on?

I love music, I really identify with emotions and life through that.  I heard a song recently by Allison Kraus called “Simple Love”.  It said, “I want a simple love like that, Always giving never asking back, When I’m in my final hour looking back, I hope I had a simple love like that”. Well, see for yourself…

I think thats a good place to start.


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