rhythms of life

Human beings are made up, in majority, of schedules, rhythms if you will.  Sleep and Wake.  Day and Night.  Work and Play.  Birth and Death.  Most of these rhythms you aren’t really aware of, you just do them.  For example, everyone has a bathroom routine.  Mine is as follows: turn on water as hot as it will go, brush my hair (keeps so much from going down the drain!), get in shower w/o touching the water, turn it back about half way, test it, turn it, test it, turn it, get in water, shampoo, rinse, conditioner, shave, wipe down shower/tub (might as well clean while I’m in there!), rinse, wash, rinse, turn off water, get out, dry off, lotion, brush hair, brush teeth.  Its a detailed routine, but I do it without even thinking, it just happens.  Like when you are driving somewhere familiar and you realize you don’t remember the last half mile… its on autopilot.  And many routines don’t develop out of conscious choice, but just out of one day leading to the next to the next.

But what happens when you get into a bad rhythm?  That’s when you have to consciously make a new rhythm.  I know I’ve talked a lot recently about Karen Jasmine’s class, but its just that good.  The thing we are learning and working on this week is to get ourselves into a new rhythm.  Not just letting our food choices happen, but making a thought-out decision about what to eat and when to eat it over the course of a whole week.  And one week becomes two weeks becomes three weeks becomes a month becomes a lifestyle.  That’s the goal.  A new lifestyle.

I noticed this morning that Jamie and I have developed a day-off morning routine that I’m starting to really really like.  I wake up with Charlotte at 7am, feed her and play until 8:30 when she goes down for a nap.  Then I go back to bed and Jamie gets up with her at 10am and plays with her until I wake up at 11am.  That way we both sorta get to sleep in.  I’m liking it. Granted, its not something we can do every day, but once a week ain’t bad!  Its the little rhythms, the little things in life that make it so sweet.

Does your family have any special rhythms?


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