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Hey y’all, Happy Monday! Unlike most people, I love Mondays.  I didn’t used to, but now Mondays are Jamie’s half day, so we get to hang out all morning.  And this particular Monday is exciting because Jamie comes home from Costa Rica!! Yay!! He has been having an awesome time with the Youth Team and doing some scouting for 2010.  And last night he even led a man to Christ! I’m so proud of him, he’s just awesome! And he comes home today! WooHoo… (can you tell I’m excited?! LOL).

Well, the past few days that Jamie has been in Costa Rica, I’ve had Charlotte all to myself.  Granted I’ve had A LOT of help from my just amazing “mother-in-love”, but I’m tired, haha! I have a couple posts in the works for ya, but I’m really wanting a little nappie time, so I’m gonna give you a really great resource, and save the meaty posts for later this week.

One of the best “women in leadership” books I have ever read is “I’ll Have What She’s Having” by Bobbie Houston.  Bobbie is the wife and co-pastor of Hillsong Church’s Brian Houston.  The book is really great! So you should go get a copy, and if you wanna borrow mine and wouldn’t mind all the notes in the margins, you can borrow mine! Happy reading…


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