your crack is showing

I saw this commercial once for an anti-depression medication.  You know, the ones where its all sad and dark at the beginning, but at the end its all sunny and happy?  At the end of this particular commercial it showed one of the ladies who had been depressed jean shopping.  LOL, a guy OBVIOUSLY wrote that commercial, because jeans shopping is one of the most depressing things a girl can do! Right? Surely I’m not the only one?! But I’ve discovered something interesting about women’s jeans.  They are either super high mom-jeans, or they are so low all your junk hangs out.  A friend of mine called those low kind “standing room only”.  You know, the kind where they look great but as soon as you sit down you look like a plumber.  And is there anything worse than sitting behind (haha, good pun) a lady who doesn’t seem to know that her crack is showing? What do you do, tell her or let her just keep going about her breezy day?

One thing I’ve always been taught in Leadership Training is to “cover your leaders cracks”, and I always think about those jeans.  Haha and now you will too.  You’re welcome! But thats not exactly what that lesson is talking about, though sometimes it might, lol … I’m gonna stop now. Its talking about compensating for your leaders weaknesses instead of broadcasting them for the world to see.  Like say your boss is not very good at giving you deadlines for your projects.  Instead of complaining to your coworkers about how annoying it is that everything seems to be due NOW and everything is URGENT, when your boss gives you a new project you ask them what the deadline is and what the priorities are.  See? Covering the cracks.

The same is true with our husbands.  While they don’t wear “standing room only” jeans (hopefully!!), they do have faults.  And as their wife, we know those faults all too well! It seems so common to be in a group of women, and within 30 seconds the conversation always turns to husbands and thier faults.  And this is such a hard thing for me. The family I grew up in isn’t exactly the most positive, especially when it comes to men and thier abilities.  So its very easy for me to tell a story about something Jamie did that I didn’t like.  One of the things I try really hard to do now is to ask myself before I say something, “Is this uplifting or would he be embarassed for me to tell this story?”.  If its not uplifting and makes him look like anything less than the most amazing human being, I don’t say it. Granted, I’m still working on this, but at least I’m noticing what I am saying.  Next time you are in a conversation and it turns into male-bashing, say something super uplifting and encouraging about your husband and see what happens.  And the same concept applies to our children (selah!), but thats another post.

Whats even more, it goes beyond just what you say in front of others, what you tell yourself about your husband is super important!  Your thoughts become mindsets become attitudes become actions.  Lets look at an example.  Jamie and I differ on the way we put away dishes.  I have a particular spot for everything, and he is satisfied with everything being somewhere.  So the other day, I opened the silverware drawer and there were spoons of every shape and size all in the same section.  Instead of thinking, “Geez, can’t he just put the spoons in the right place? Its not THAT hard!”  I thought to myself, “Wow, he put the dishes away. He didn’t have to do that. How sweet!”  Beleive me, that is a major improvement and step forward for me! But it is so important.  If we aren’t our husband’s biggest fan, you don’t want to imagine who could fill that position.

So, ladies, just say NO to crack.


5 thoughts on “your crack is showing

  1. Comments from Facebook:

    Kathryn Maldonado at 3:54pm July 6
    what a good way to put this! we all do have different ways of doing things, doesn’t make them wrong! so lets celebrate what is done! (& I will never look at crack the same way again LOL)

    Jessica Anne Jesse at 5:04pm July 6
    jen this is such a great way to look at it! I have the same problem and I have been working on it alot, however I love the thought of putting a positive spin on everyday life thanks!!!

  2. This was a great post and really something that I have been working on too. I’m glad to see that I am not the only one that struggles with this.

  3. And the same concept applies to our children *cringe!*

    but i know its the truth! some days i have more to work on than others 🙂

    good post jen! you always have such a way with expressing your ideas, love reading it

  4. Whilst serving the Lord in Costa Rica this summer we learned something that would go great with this… “The higher a monkey gets up a tree, the more his butt shows.”

    Meaning, the higher up you get, the more there is exposed about you. About your life, your family, your everything.

    You don’t really hear much about the guy who stacks chairs, but Pastor Jamie Tobler… “did you hear that his wife has this blog where she said crack in it and wasn’t referring to a sidewalk?!?!?!?!”

    A big butt crack exposed to all.

    I like being able to say that.

    P.S. Great post.

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