Dr. Sean says…

My brother is a Medic in the Special Forces. Which means he knows everything (dentistry, birthin babies, vetrinarian, & everything else!), but isn’t technically licsenced to do any of it in the outside world (third world countries and military bases excluded). But still, I go to him with most of my bizzare medical questions.  For example…

When he was up in Raleigh visiting for his birthday(yes, I take every opportunity I can!) I asked him to take a look at my toe nail. It was numb and turning black and I wanted to know if I was gonna lose it.  You see, I was at the grocery store and when I wrestled the shopping cart out of its tangled nest-o-carts, it ran up and over my big toe. If you’ve never had that happen, let me assure you, it hurts. So, any who, he looked at it and said that, yes I would in fact lose my big toe nail soon. Great. Stupid shopping cart.

Just thought it would enrich your day to know that the toe nail on my right big toe is going to fall off. You’re welcome. Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Dr. Sean says…

  1. Did he also tell you that IT WILL GROW BACK?? If the nail bed is not killed, the nail will grow back in due time. So, fret no more sweet girl, your foot should look regular again in 6-8 weeks.

  2. fear not, you can join the toe nail less crew with Chris, who did the same thing..hmmm except he fought with a peice of plywood instead of a shopping cart. He lost the toenail at the beach over fathers day weekend, the ocean ate it. : )

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