one year

Happy Birthday, Charlotte!

Its still hard to beleive that you are a whole year old! But yet it seems like you have always been with us. In this past year you have done so much growing and changing. Speaking of changing, I think you need a diaper change. Be right back!  … Okay, thats better! But yeah, growing and changing.

You are almost walking now. Last night you stood up on your own.  You were leaning on my legs, and just decided to stand up.  You are pulling up and cruising on everything you can find. And oh, you LOVE pillows!  You squeal with delight when you see pillows on the floor.  You’ve even learned to launch yourself on to them.  You are going to love roller coasters when you get older.  You love being upside down, spun around, and tossed into piles of pillows on our bed.

And while you love the thrill, you are still very cautious.  While standing up holding onto something, you stop and evaluate whether or not you can reach the next object you want to move to.  If you can’t safely reach it, you slowly sit down and then crawl to it.  I think that’s so much like me and your dad, haha.   (Excuse me, I need to go catch you before you escape down the hall. Haha, you made it into your room and were sorting laundry, aka pulling all the clothes out of your drawers).  You are such a smart girl.  You can sign “more”, “please”, and “all done”, and you are learning “thank you” and “help”.   You are saying lots of things, like mama, dada, and lots of other Charlotte language words.  Like “aah uuu” for Thank You, “i aah uu” for I Love You, and “guy ay ah” for Granddaddy.  You have learned how to open and close things, and you are so obedient.  Though you do need a reminder every now and then.

You are so curious, you have been since the minute you were born.  And your facial expressions are priceless!  You sing songs (granted, its mostly screeching right now, but we’ll teach you), and you have even played a harmonica already! You love music, when you hear any kind of beat you can’t help but dance.  You’ve even learned to clap and dance at the same time, and usually in good rhythm (you get that from your dad).  I’m just so proud of you.  I can’t wait to see what the next year holds for you!

I love you, Monkey-Chicken Little-Booger-Sweet Girl!




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