and i only lost a toenail

Well, there it was. Last night was Charlotte’s 1st Birthday Party!  We had family over to celebrate, eat food, and consume an ungodly amount of cupcakes!  Charlotte tried her own cupcake, though she didn’t like the frosting quite so much.  And she wouldn’t smoosh into it like you see on TV.  She’s  too much of a Mr Clean Princess for that.

The prep work was crazy.  All those cupcakes (oh gosh, they are still sitting on my kitchen table… must. not. eat. all. today!).  So much pink. And glitter! And in the process, I didn’t lose my salvation… just a toenail!  Well, most of it anyway.  (That mental image is my gift to you, You’re Welcome)  And can I tell you, it still hurts.  My poor little naked/bald/exposed toe.  I wonder how long it takes for toenails to grow back.  Can I paint the skin to match the other nails so my foot doesn’t look so deformed? Anybody know or have experience to share?  Speaking of sharing, if you are one of those people that just have to look at gross things, I’ll be happy to show you my poor toe if you’d like.  Free of charge. Again, You’re Welcome.

But anywho, this post was really supposed to be about Charlotte and her first birthday party.  I’ll have the videos on YouTube to share later, and I’ll try to hijack the grandmas cameras to steal thier pictures (my camera just kinda stayed in hiding the whole party. I think she’s shy).  But for now, enjoy the few pictures I did get…

cakes beforeall the naked cakes

cakes afterthe cakes with thier party dresses on

birthday princess' thronethe birthday throne minus princess

Photo taken by Ann Mukherjee of Miss Jee’s Photography


One thought on “and i only lost a toenail

  1. Hey Jenn the cakes look beautiful 🙂 and so does Charlotte! Its so crazy how fast they grow!! As far as the toenail I lost my big toenail last year it was NO fun and hurt like crazy it took about 3 weeks to grow back in i tried to paint it like you said but it just made it look more deformed! so i wouldnt advise it!

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