With it being the off season for most major networks (thank you, USA for having your shows run during the off season), I’ve quickly caught up on the “regulars”.  So with Jamie outta town, I had to fill up the time after Charlotte goes to bed with something, so I found a new show – Ugly Betty.  I was kinda hesitant at first because I didn’t know what it was really about.  But I was pleasantly surprised, its pretty good.  And what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a lovely lesson, right there smack in the middle of a hilarious show.  So I thought I’d share it with you…

I was hoping to find a clip to show you, but couldn’t find one in the 2 minutes I spent searching YouTube.  Diligence= intense effort. I do it all for you. So anyway, its S3E5 if anyone finds it.

Betty is teaching Kimmie Keagan how to be the best assistant ever, and she, being the overly organized wonder-woman that she is, has an acronym for what to do.  Oh how I love Betty 🙂 It’s ARG.

A- Anticipate: Know what people need before they do.

R- Research: Read everything, listen to everything, know everything.

G- Gumption: Take a deep breath, we are just getting started.

Here’s an example from later in the show:

Kimmie: So I noticed that Daniel’s cuticles were a little rough. I heard the editor talking about a new spa where they soak your hands in organic olive oil. They told me no openings till March. I told them no editors pick in Mode. Daniel has an appointment on Friday.

Betty: Wow! Well, you anticipated, did research, and showed gumption. ARG!

So while this show is about a fashion magazine, this is an awesome lesson for a wife.  Our role as wife is very similar to that of an Executive Assistant, believe me.  Your job is to make it possible for the CEO to do their job.  Sometimes that means doing glamorous things like planning and hosting big events, but sometimes it just means picking up their dry cleaning. As a wife, we have our own callings, our own path ordained by God.  But part of that path is to clear the way for our husbands to reach their goals.  If that means you work outside the home to make money so that he can pursue his dreams, good. If it means you work at home to keep life running while he is out the big wide world making a difference, good. Whatever it means for your family, your callings will always match, fit, and compliment each others.  As an ExecAsst, you have your own tasks, work load, things you want/need to get done, but you also have the job of taking care of the things necessary to get the CEO’s job done.  Just as your husband has his calling, but part of that calling is to spend time praying and seeking God in order to lead the family. But lets get back to ARG…

Anticipate – take time to think ahead. What’s coming up in the next few days?  Is your husband leaving for a trip? Does he have a day off? Is he about to go through a rough week at work with a huge workload? And what can you do to make that event easier? Is it laundry & packing? Is it planning fun activities for the family to do together? Is it making his favorite meals so that he has a pleasant end to a crazy day? Just think ahead.

Research – As a good ExecAsst, you know a reasonable amount about everything.  You may not be an expert at it, but you at least know where to find the needed information. This is important as a wife too.  Maybe its just a woman thing, but isn’t it always the wife that knows where the car keys are? At least in this house it is 🙂 Be observant, keep your eyes and ears open.

Gumption- Take the initiative.  It may not be your “chore”, but do it.  Por ejemplo, in our house Jamie is in charge of the cars.  But I don’t let the car come to a sputtering stop before I mention to him that the service light came on (3 weeks ago!).  And Jamie is also in charge of the dogs, but I can make the appointment for the vet, even if I’m not the one who takes them.  Be the one to take initiative to make sure your home and family are operating like they should. Learn how to save more money. Learn how to earn more money. Just do something.

Some of you may be thinking, “thats not my job”, and believe me, that thought runs through my mind more than I care to admit.  But this is a great place for the principle of sowing and reaping to come into play.  If you do these things for your husband, they will be done for you, too.

So, ladies, just say ARG!


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