the mommy diaries

My friend, St. Kelsie J of North Raleigh, gave me an awesome book.  Usually when she says “I have something for you”, it ends up being a chewing gum wrapper or something like that.  But this time she handed me a bag with a book inside.  It was the mommy diaries: finding yourself in the daily adventure.

I thought, “oh awesome, this should be funny.” I don’t really know why I thought it would be funny, but anyway… That night when I got home, I opened it up and by the end of the first page, I was in tears.  But the good kind, you know what I mean ladies. The book is full of stories written by moms about their mothering journey.  It was exactly what I needed to get me back in gear.  There were some areas of my life I was letting slip by the wayside, really for no other reason than laziness.  But this book was the inspiration I needed to step back on the right path and get back in the game.  So I wanted to share this awesome awesome book with you.  Here’s a small excerpt from one of the stories…

“The New Me” by Colleen Kappeler

Truth be told, it took years of motherhood for me to find peace in my new role and with my new definition of self.  For the longest time I kept looking over one shoulder, wondering what was out there and what adventure I was missing.  Wondering who this new person I had become was and how to identify with her.  But slowly, over time, I have found new ways to define myself.  I have stretched beyond the boundaries of my old self and created a new idea of self that connected to my original one.  … Motherhood requires flexibility.  You discover new things about yourself and rediscover old things that you though you had to give up.


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