Tonight I was driving back to Cynthia’s house to pick up Charlotte.  It was after Stage20 so I was driving through Wake Forest… and my windshield wiper came off.  Just started flopping all over the place. Great. Its raining. I’m alone. Its dark. And I had to pull off into some neighborhood to try and fix my windsheild wiper (the idea of me fixing anything car related is quite hilarious).  I get out, and I can’t fix it.  So I call Jamie, though it wasn’t like he could help, he was way far away doing something else, but I needed to complain to someone.  He told me it was probably not broken but just disconnected and that I should reconnect it. Oh yeah, that sounds easy. So after much twisting and prying and general “monkeying” with the stupid thing, I got it back on (I heard some Canadian lady on tv today say she “monkeyed with the picture to get it right”, I liked it, so I stole it).  But it almost took my hand with it.  I’m lucky to have survived such a brutal attack.  I digress…

I got back in my car thinking, “Really? REALLY? Did this really need to happen now, I mean, it’s RAINING!”  And then a funny thought crossed my mind.  Of course it broke while it’s raining, when else would I be using the wipers?! Isn’t that so like life, though?  When things are going smoothly, we aren’t really doing anything but just being, nothing breaks.  Everything sits there all pretty and ready to go, and we don’t ever know there is a problem.  Until the rain comes.  The problems, the stress of life really show us where we are weak, where we can break.  Pastor Micah always says you don’t know whats in a tea bag until you add hot water.  Its not until the craziness happens that things can get all disconnected.

So when things go all wompy-jawed, you have two choices.  Get ticked about the problem that you probably didn’t have any control over (like the rain), or deal with your weakness and make it strong again (reconnect the wiper).  You know, the funniest thing about all of this is that we are studying a book about joy right now in Stage20.  And tonight especially we were talking about how to react to situations better and not let negative emotions control us.  Haha, maybe I need to go back and re-read that chapter!!


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