Hail To The Chief

Yesterday (Wednesday), President Obama came to Raleigh NC.  He was holding a Town Hall Meeting at Broughton High School to promote his Health Care Bill.  Since there were so few tickets and they went too fast, I settled for standing outside to let the President know what I thought of his plan.

I wasn’t sure what to expect.  My mom goes to these protests all the time, but I’d never been to one.  Though I did know that if my mom went, they must be pretty tame.  So I headed down there with the baby+gear and two friends.  I didn’t make any signs, mostly because I just wasn’t sure how to put what I was thinking into a few words to make an effective sign.  But when we got down there, a guy had a bunch of these signs printed, so he gave me one.  I thought it captured my thoughts perfectly.  So, we were there holding our signs, waiting on the President.

For the most part the crowd stayed very civil.  There were a few crazies that wandered around, but most people avoided them.  I really don’t understand people sometimes, though.  Why don’t people understand the futility of yelling your point of view at others?

This guy was yelling at the people on the other corner.  They were there in support of the Health Care Plan.  They started screaming really awful things at each other.  No one is going to go, “Oh, wow, I’m so glad you yelled that at me through your MegaPhone. You are so right. I am so wrong. Thank you for letting me see the light.” It just ain’t happ’nin! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, that is part of the beauty of this country.  Feel free to disagree with people, but don’t stand there telling them they are stupid or that you hope they die of lung cancer (I’m not even joking, someone yelled that).  My whole purpose for being down there was to show the President that there are people, ordinary people, who do not like his Health Care Plan and want a different kind of change.  It was to support the others who feel that their freedoms are being enfringed upon.  It was not to change anyone’s opinions, it was simply to share mine.

I rather enjoyed the rally.  Can’t really put my finger on why, but I liked it. Perhaps it was being able to share with others who thought the same way.  Maybe it was simply exercising our constitutional rights.  Or being a part of something bigger.  I dunno. But I enjoyed it, and will probably attend others.  One of the really neat things that happened was that I got to see the President.  Granted, I don’t agree with many of the policies he has tried to pass, but he is still our President, and deserves the respect that office carries.  Plus, it was just cool to see someone so famous.  Like right there. In person. For real.  That was something I’ll remember forever.


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