freshy mcfresh

You know those days where you just wanna hide? When you don’t want to get outta bed b/c you know whats waiting for you outside the covers? Ugh, I had one of those days today.  I was tired, ticked off, disgruntled, and generally mad at the world. … BUUUUUt, of course its those days that others need you. As the day progressed and Family Emergency #2 surfaced, I thought, “Geez, why is it that the ONE FREAKIN day I wanna hide from the world and be a selfish snot face, is the one day that the world seems to need me.” But of course, even as I was thinking those words in my head, I was getting a spiritual thump from the Holy Spirit.  And if you’ve ever been thumped by Pastor Steve or Pastor Micah, then you have a general idea of what a thumping from the Holy Spirit can feel like, lol. And then my wonderful husband decided that it was time that we pray. (Why does it bother you when you know you need to pray, but someone else says it??!!) So we prayed, and as we were praying, and I was trying my best to keep a sour look on my face just because I felt like staying mad, I was reminded of something Carl Lentz at DBTW said .  He reminded us that Proverbs 11:25 says that those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.  That kinda sounds similar to the reaping + sowing deal.  God’s a funny one. So, I tried to suck it up and help my family out. And you know, I kinda do feel better.  Sure, I could sit here and dwell on all the things that still bug me that aren’t resolved yet, but why? I’m gonna take that freshy mcfresh feeling and roll with it.

So who can you refresh today?


2 thoughts on “freshy mcfresh

  1. this is just great. & I especially love how you ended this post with an absolutely, irrestible picture. I look at that & think… “how could any of us mothers be sour?” (although I’m guilty of it myself). good post!

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