emergency diaper situation

Oh.My.Word. This morning started off with pure craziness.  Charlotte slept late, and I hold tightly to the old adage of “never wake a sleeping baby”, because that means that mama gets to sleep in too!  So when she finally did wake up, I heard her fussing. I got up, went to the potty, mixed up her bottle in the kitchen, then went to get her out of her crib.  And when I opened the door. Oh.My.Word.

She was holding her blanket up in front of her like she was terrified, and she was screaming at the top of her lungs.  I glanced around the room to see what she was so afraid of, but seeing nothing, I pulled the blanket down and then I saw it. She was wet up to her neck. Her onesie was completely soaked, even the long sleeves. The blanket was soaked, Duckie was soaked, and when I picked her up, I saw the puddle that she was sitting in.  Her socks were dripping, and the puddle had probably started to drip onto the floor.  I put her over onto the changing table, and looked around for a pair of scissors. I was going to cut off the onesie, all ER style, so I didn’t have to drag pee all over her face.  Finding no scissors, I unsnapped the onesie, and then I saw the REAL mess.  The diaper had literally exploded from the top. That gel filling was oozing out all over her stomach and it looked like the front of the diaper might burst open too.  I froze for a moment, trying to figure out what to do. And in that moment, she reached down and touched her stomach and before I knew what was happeneing, had some of that gel nastiness in her mouth.  Remember, she’s still screaming at the top of her lungs.  So I scrape out her mouth, with her still screaming, and then I grab the (soaked) blanket from her bed, wrap it around her, and proceed to take her to the bath tub.  As I’m walking across her room, that gel filling dropped out onto the carpet. Oh.My.Word.

So I get her into the bathroom, set her down nastiness and all, turn on the water, which takes 8 years to get warm on that side of the house. I get the temperature right, somehow get her undressed and standing in the tub, hose her off, while she’s screaming, crying, and sliding everywhere.  I get her hosed down, towelled off, and I take her back into her room.  I lay her on the floor, put a clean diaper on her and take her into the living room.  I lay her down propped up with the Boppy, and give her the bottle.  Then I go into her room, scoop up the gel on the floor, pull all dripping soaked and nasty clothes and bedding into a pile, drop it in the washing machine, then I throw away the onesie and the diaper + contents.

She was fine and dandy after her morning bottle, apparently I’m the only one that remembers this awful experience.  … But now she has a lovely rash on her tummy. Sigh. Remind me again why I want to have another baby?


9 thoughts on “emergency diaper situation

  1. “oh.my.word.” this for serious, had me R – O – F – L! looks like youre beginning to experience some of the reall joys of parenthood! congratulations Jenn!! you survived ^_^ (ps. definitely have another one, they are SO much fun!)

  2. oh goodness I hear you Jen I have had that happen more than once with each child. It just one of those experiences that eventualy you store away in the oh yeah that happend to me before part of your brain and move on! I think you handled it remarkably well! Kudos and like Nichole said Welcome to Mommyhood lol!!! Oh and one more thing Have bunches of babies because one day you will look back on moments like this and it will fill your heart with so much joy because you were there You saved the day for your precious child and its worth it

  3. That is too funny Jen! i can imagine your frustration though when it happened. I didn’t know that diapers could do that. I have been thinking that someone needs to invent a diaper for night time for babies. I know when I get Caleb up in the morning it is so disgusting changing his super full diaper. Hope this doesn’t happen again for you!

  4. i think it was a defective diaper, i’ve had full diapers, but never like that!! yes, there is a gel stuff that “absorbs” all the contents, thats how they work. that and the subsequent rash she has, only confirmed my resolution to cloth diaper the rest of my babies! glad you all got a laugh out of it, i know i sure did… afterwards, of course!!

  5. Just be glad she didn’t do number 2 in that diaper!

    Remember the bathtub rescue approach. You will need it in the future, trust me. Just ask me sometime about how Diamond (when she was 2) thought drywall compound was “lotion”.

  6. ROFL ROFL ROFL. Omg I really had to contain myself> holy Geez this was hilarious cause to be honest this has happened to me before however, I would never dare tell anyone for the fact that I felt like such an awful mom. Good job on the clean up! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hey Jen I got a better one for you. Timmy slept in yesterday morning and so I was thinking great I can get some stuff done. He wakes up around 11am and so I proceed up to get him. He’s not fussy but very happy after his long sleep. As I approach his crib I see it. It’s awful and it’s everywhere. His diaper had filled with urine and the pooh had nowhere else to go but out of the diaper. I proceeded straight to the bathtub, I didn’t pass go and I didn’t collect $200, and there I hosed him down and got all the pooh off. Afterward I had to do like you and gather up all the yuk and put it in the washer. I told Scot he really missed out. That was the first explosion of that kind that we’ve had…lol. FYI though, Charlotte is probably to the age now that you can buy the overnight diapers. They’re great. Timmy’s would have been fine had he not had to pooh in his already very full of urine diaper…lol.

  8. Saw your link via http://www.incourage.me Had to smile at the memory of having this happen with all 4 of mine—though long ago as my youngest is now 11! And truth be told, i think there is more of that gel stuff in diapers these days! Just think, you have a place in which to record these fabulous memories for all the world to see! We didn’t have blogs back in the stone age of 11 years ago! If so, there would be similar stories as this and the same question—WHY would i want to do this AGAIN??? To put it simply—because we are crazy that’s why :0). And because we have such a short memory when it comes to moments like these! And finally, because these are the moments we will cherich in our hearts forever and ever! Enjoy these days-they’ll be gone before you know it and you’ll be reading this account on your daughters blog :0)!

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