a life of fun, inspiration, and action

Yesterday I went to the monthly Youth Management Team meeting (YMT).  As always, Aaron had some tasty goodness to eat (thank goodness it was my cheat day b/c those cream puff thingies were amazing!).  We discussed business, like the ONE Event on September 13th – so excited.  And Tammy taught some stuff.  The teachings are always good, but this one was perfect.  It was right on time and exactly what Jamie and I were discussing the very day before.  We’ve reached a place in our lives that we can no longer just “go”.  We need to sit down and re-evaluate where we are as a family, where we want to be, and how to get there.  The teaching Tammy gave us is applicable to your personal life as well as your ministry.  You can take this lesson and apply it to everything from a business venture to a relationship. Its awesome.  She said she first heard this from this guy.  These are questions and steps that you can take and ask yourself about whatever situation you need to evaluate.  So here are my notes…

“5 Questions for a Life of Fun, Inspiration, and Action”

1. What Do You Want? – (a) find a space and time just for you. (b) make a connection to your core values. (c) get clear on the situation at hand. (d) imagine outrageous success, what does it look like. (e) clarify your bottom line, what is the minimum you’d accept. (f) find the sweet spot between d & e

2. Am I Stuck? or Where Am I Stuck? – where do i feel in a rut? where are there “should haves”? what am i tolerating? where am i frustrated? Now write down all those things so you can stare the problem in the face.

3. What is Possible? – (a) give yourself some time to really think. (b) get away from your usual place. (c) set yourself a target of new ideas, 5 minimum. (d) press the pause button on the “i can’t” voice. (e) as some creative and powerful questions like “if i couldn’t fail, what would i do?”, “whats the easiest/safest/boldest/most fun thing do to?” (f) start shaping your solution for what is possible

4. What Do I Already Know? – ask yourself: (a) when i was on top and having fun, what was it (alone or with others; familiar or spontaneous; inside or outside; self focused or others centered?) and (b) be specific (who do i want more of; who do i want less of; what makes me come alive; what makes me laugh; what helps me escape?)

5. What Am I Going To Do About It? – get clear on your priorities and plan JUST the next step… then TAKE IT

I hope that helps you. In life we always need to ready-aim-fire, then aim-fire, aim-fire, etc. These questions are exactly what you need for aiming BEFORE you fire!  Thanks Tammy!!


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