the baby gate

For the past few weeks, I’ve been watching my cousin’s son, Cooper, in the afternoons.  Yesterday I was over there, Cooper was taking a nap, and Charlotte was playing in the den.  So I took the brief opportunity to do some studying for Stage20.  I didn’t want Charlotte to leave the room so I could keep an eye on her, so I reached over and closed the gate to the kitchen.  It hadn’t been closed but a few seconds when she looked up from her toys, stood up and waddled over to the gate.  She grabbed on, and commenced shaking the gate and screaming.  She was so mad that there was somewhere she couldn’t go.  I tried to convince her that there were so many toys to play with if she’d just turn around, but she refused.  *Light Bulb!*

How many times in our Christian walk, do we do this very same thing.  We stand right at the edge of what we shouldn’t do, the boundary God has set for us, and we scream and whine and shake the gate.  When the truth is, if we’d simply turn our back on what we shouldn’t be doing in the first place, we’d see that we have so much freedom and options available.

I don’t know about you, but that kinda stepped on my toes a little bit.


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