We all have dreams. Some are big, some are not so big, some are HUGE, and some aren’t even realized yet.  But we all have them.  One of the things I’ve been struggling with lately is wanting to have it all right now.

When I was pregnant with Charlotte, I dreamed of staying home with her and playing games, and teaching her music, and teaching her art, and teaching her everything this world has to teach. Then she was born… and just laid there. I had somehow overlooked the “few” months that babies don’t do anything, they just are. It was really hard for me to adjust to being home and being a mom when Charlotte just ate, slept, pooped, and slept again. I wanted to do so much, had so many plans, and then I was smacked in the face with the reality that I can’t do it all now.

The same is true about my dream to have a big family.  I can very clearly see all those munchkins running around, playing, laughing, learning.  But somehow I forgot about all the YEARS it takes to grow a family like that.  It seems that I overlooked a lot in these dreams of mine!

I have only recently been able to put into words the restlessness I’ve been feeling, and I haven’t really given it much thought power.  But today I read something that really sparked my thoughts toward this subject again. The phrase that really hit me was, “I know I can have everything I want, just not at the same time.”  Selah- pause and think on this

So what are you dreaming about? Do you know how to get there?


2 thoughts on “dreams

  1. This post really hit close to home. There are so many things I want right now but I know that it takes time. Especially now that I am working in the evenings there are so many things that I am realizing I took for granted. Small things like being home at night to cook dinner for me and Sean. I know this is only temporary and I am doing the best thing for my family because in the end we will win financially. Thanks for this Jen! I’m glad to see I’m not the only woman that struggles with that.

  2. I! I! I go through spurts about this…I start planning things and then I reach out 6 months and plan that stuff then its a year and before I know it I’m like whoa whoa… I start getting anxious about how Im going to work it out now when its not for months and months to come. I have to learn to slow down and breath and that things will come as they may….even if I havent planned them to a T…or even if I have. I do this alot by the way lol

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