where i am

its been longer than i’d like since my last post. so let me get you up to speed on where i am.

1. the house is STILL on the market (boo).  so that means my days are filled with constant tidying, cleaning, (hiding), and praying!! the right buyer is on their way 🙂

2. jamie and i are doing a modified “daniel diet” during the week, so basically no meats or sweets.  and we cheat like mad on the weekends. cause, really, who can resist grandma’s cookin’ on sunday?! its going pretty well, i’ve discovered some new recipes and have been forced to get creative.

3. i started doing a weekly meal plan (which reminds me, i gotta do this weeks!). i dont know why i was so intimidated by this, but once i finally sat down and did it, it made my grocery shopping easier and cheaper!

4. for those cheat days on the weekend (or for a monday night when you just need some sugar), i found this recipe. it is full of everything right and good in this world, and its super easy to make. do it. you won’t regret it.

5. we have begun potty training. we are in the “introduction” phase, which means at certain times during the day (usually right after nap time when she’s cheerful and mostly cooperative), we practice sitting on the potty and washing our hands.  its going pretty well. i got this book and its FABULOUS!

6. i’m working on the 2009 Triangle Memory Walk. i’ll let you know more about that in another post.

7. i’m going to bed now. g’nite y’all!!

Charlotte “helping” with the laundry


3 thoughts on “where i am

  1. Its for health reasons. No one should eat as much meat as Americans do. We eat meat when we should be eating fruits & veggies. And then there is the sugars, but I don’t want to talk about that one. I’m trying to “exercise” my self-control there!

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