clean?, clean!, and CLEAN

Having a house on the market sucks. Lets be honest, it just sucks. Having to keep your house in tip-top shape, having strangers walk through and examine WHILE YOU ARENT THERE (so creepy), and having to drop what you are doing at any moment when “the call” comes.  That sucks.

I think I’ve done a fairly good job of keeping the house clean. I’d be totally okay with anyone dropping by (most days).  But when I know I have a showing scheduled, I do an extra extra cleaning. And that’s what I’ve been doing today. I’ve been looking at every single detail, scrutinizing every corner, even the ones on the ceiling! And what has amazed me is how much work it takes to clean a “clean” house. I mean, I thought it was good, I thought it was decent, but it apparently wasn’t as grand as I thought.

My friend, Ann, gave me a beautiful piece of ceramic wall art that says, “Whatever is excellent and praiseworthy, think on these things. ~Philippians 4:8”.  I hung it on the wall today and it really motivated me to really do a good job cleaning, and not just hiding and masking! Excellence: doing the best you can with the resources you have.

So many times in our spiritual life, we feel clean, we think we are decent… then we start to really look deep.  Thats when we start to see the cobwebs in the dark corners of the ceiling.  We have to live a life of excellence. We cannot ignore those things.  We have to deal with them, clean them up. And sometimes that takes a while.  Sometimes it takes some sweat and tears. But its worth it. When this house sells, all that sweat and HAND SCRUBBING OF THE FLOOR will be worth it.  When we get to Heaven and we hear “Well done, good and faithful servant”, it will be worth it.

So… do you have any ceiling cobwebs you need to clean up?


2 thoughts on “clean?, clean!, and CLEAN

  1. You know, the last house we lived in and sold was not “clean” when a buyer came through. The 53 foot trailer was backed in the driveway and we were in the midst of packing all the household into it when the buyer showed up and asked for a walk through. in fact, I was actually steam cleaning the master bedroom carpet!

    The amazing part is, after a quick 10 min. showing by Rick, they went back to the office, wrote an offer and we accepted it! So, maybe relax a little and just live…people aren’t there to see how well you clean, they want to see the bones of the house and how they might fit that house. We bought our present home because of its potential for our family. It wasn’t clean or even livable, but we bought it anyway! The same will be true for your home, someone will buy it for the potential it has for their family.

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