to stand guard

I heard a tragic story last night.  A friend told me about her friend whose 18 month old daughter died suddenly and unexpectedly in her sleep. I had met the family once, I didn’t know them. But it still hurts. Perhaps its the mom connection, maybe its that my daughter is about that same age, maybe its just the human heart. Either way, it shook me. My first reaction or thought was of how I would feel, and then fear tried to grip my heart. I let it, momentarily, then I came to my senses.

As parents, it is our sole responsibility to stand guard over our children, for our children. As Christians, we have the power of God’s Word, the power of the blood of Jesus, and the Holy Spirit to guide us.  What happened to that family is tragic, and I don’t have all the answers. I don’t know why that sweet baby died. But it doesn’t have to happen to my family, and as long as there is something I can do about it, it won’t happen to my family. Fear is stupid. I read in a book recently that “Doubt is trusting our own fears more than God’s Promises.” So I will not let this get me scared. It is my human nature to get scared and sit in my daughters room every night all night to make sure she’s still breathing. But I have something bigger and more powerful than myself.

I have God’s Word. It is true. It never fails. It does what it says it will. God is everything He says He is, and we can stand confident in that.  Psalm 4:8 says that we can lie down and sleep in peace because God keeps us safe.  Every night as I put Charlotte down to sleep, I confess that over her.  Since the Word is more powerful and unchanging than any measly prayer I could pray, I simply say what the Word says.  And like Ephesians 6:13 says, after I have done everything I know to do, I stand. I stand firm on God’s promises that my children will live long and prosperous lives. I stand firm that God promises to keep them safe. I stand firm.

By standing on God’s Word, I stand guard for my child. There is an enemy out there who would like nothing more than to stop my daughter from fulfilling God’s purpose in life, from fulling the plans He has for her. And I refuse to let my guard down, to let fear enter and paralyze me. I will stand guard over my daughter, by standing firm and speaking God’s Word over her life.

You are the one God has placed in your child’s life to stand guard over them. Stand guard by standing on God’s Word and His promises.


3 thoughts on “to stand guard

  1. oh Jenn… I really needed to read this today! I want you to know that I laid in bed last night, meditating on God’s Word & promise. I was still feeling a little fearful. I started to just confess (probably 50 times) Psalm 4:6… I felt my chest release from it’s tension & a sigh of breath escape. I closed my eyes in complete peace & slept. Thank you for reaching out to me. & you’re right… we have the power of God’s Word… what could ever be stronger than that?!

    Seeing Charlottle last night made my heart smile. She is so amazing, so beautiful, so vibrant. I’m so thankful to be walking this walk with some of the most amazing people of God. Your family is so wonderful!

  2. Thanks for sharing that verse. After hearing this story from Allison, I had some of the same feat try to come on me. However I saw where you posted this verse on Vanessa’s facebook and that made a huge impact. That verse is important outside of this context as well though.

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