Triangle Memory Walk 2009

On Saturday, my family and I participated in the Triangle Memory Walk, in support of Alzheimer’s research and patient care.

An aerobics instructor getting everyone moving before the walk

It was a pretty cool event. I hadn’t ever done one before.  But this one was special to us.

The back of the shirts we made.

Our grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s last year. It has been a strange road. My grandmother (my dad’s mom) was diagnosed several years ago, and is very advanced in the disease. So its been tough seeing Granddaddy in the beginning stages of it, knowing where it can lead. We’ve been wanting to do something, and when this walk came up, we knew it was a perfect opportunity.

There were over 2,500 people registered to walk, and they all raised over $130,000!  There were groups there like ours, walking in honor of a loved one. There were community groups, sororities, and there were even nursing home employees pushing patients through the walk.  It was really awesome.

Me, Mom, Erin, Kristen, Jill, Ellen, Christine, & the babies

I think we’ll do it again next year. It was nice to do something productive as a family. It was only a mile & a half walk, but it feels like we really accomplished something.

all tuckered out from her long walk


One thought on “Triangle Memory Walk 2009

  1. May I comment that the dad Jennifer speaks of is her stepfather, Jim. His mother is the one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. My mom, one of Jennifer’s other grandmoms, is living well in Birmingham at age 82 with her husband who is 86 years of age. Just wanted to clarify the statement.

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