thats a lot of names

Our church is reading through the New Testament in a year, one chapter a day (repeating some stuff at the end of the year).  We did it last year, and I gotta admit, I wasn’t as diligent about it everyday as I should have been.  But this year, I’m gonna do it!! So today I was reading Matthew 1. I was all excited, I opened my Bible, and then I see it… the begats. Oh. Goodness.

But, I know that the Bible is God’s Word and He put all those guys names in there for a reason, so I got to reading.  As I’m reading, amusing myself with my slaughtering of their names, I began to realize something.  Those weren’t just some people, those were parents and children.  They were a whole big family. A whole big family of obedience. Sure, they screwed up royally (often), but all in all, they were obedient to God and His plan. And through that, we got Jesus. And it wasn’t just one small decision one guy made to obey God that got us the Savior and Messiah, it was generation after generation after generation of men who loved God and taught their sons to love God.  Woah. That’s a legacy.

When I think about standing in front of God and I hear “well done, good and faithful servant”, I wonder what I want to hear that for.  What is it that I’ve done well at? The most amazing and challenging and rewarding and worthwhile thing I can think of is to raise my children to love and obey God.  After all, we are called to be disciples, and who better to disciple than those little beings that God placed under our roof for so many years!!

So next time, don’t skip the Whoever begat Whoever’s. Read it and marvel at the generations of Godly, obedient parents who taught their children to be Godly and obedient.


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