fire hydrant

Have you ever seen a fire hydrant when its open and spewing? The water is gushing everywhere, and at a painful speed.  Now imagine trying to drink from that fire hydrant.  Hope you imagined that as a pleasant expereience because you are about to do just that. And here we go…

Obviously it has been a long time since I last posted.  I’ll deal with the “why” of that in another post.  But so much has happened since then. (1) We got a new house (2) We met Frank (3) We are in Costa Rica.

(1) We got a new house. — After manymanymanymanymanymanyx10 months of searching we finally found a house.  Its in Jamie’s brothers neighborhood, which is awesome. It was in a “decent” condition and at a great price.  And the yard is FANTASICALLYAMAZING! So we put in an offer, it was accepted… and our closing date kept getting delayed… for a month.  So literally 2 weeks before we leave the country, we closed on our house, had to do the renovations we has scheduled over a month in 2 weeks, get the house reinspected, move in, all while packing to leave for Costa Rica. Yeah, I’m tired just remembering it all.  But we got it done. So now all our stuff is piled in our house, and we’ll unpack when we get home in July.  I’ll do a blog post later with before and after photos for you to see our decorative/creative/constructive genius 🙂

(2) We met Frank.– Who in the world is Frank?  I’m glad you asked.  Frank is the little 8 week old human (though he looks like a fishie) growing in muh belluh (thank you Austin Powers).  Yupp, thats right folks, Charlotte is going to be a big sister.  Frank (no, we aren’t actually naming him Frank) will be born in January.  More info to come. 🙂

(3) We are in Costa Rica. — Its been several years since I’ve been back.  I always knew this place, these people, held a special piece of my heart. But it wasn’t until I was driving out of the San Jose airport that it really hit me.  I LOVE COSTA RICA.  I love the smells, the sounds, the people, the food (oooooooooooh, the food), the mangy dogs that roam around, the drivers who try to kill you, the birds that sing you to sleep at night, and even the ever illusive monkey that you can hear but never see (just you wait my friend, I will find you).  I love love love it.  It felt like coming home.  Even Charlotte felt that way.  She is usually pretty slow to warm up to people, like her madre, but after about 30 seconds, she was down and running and playing and talking.  She did AMAZING on the flight(s) too.  She was quiet, cooperative, patient, and really sweet.  She’s awesome.  And she loves her some rice and beans!

Thanks for hanging with me as I tried to condense the past 7 months into one post.  I’m glad to be back.


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