Yesterday we went on a mini-adventure.  Jamie, Charlotte, and I went out searching for the Costa Rican Walmart (Hiper Mas).  I guess mini isn’t really a good name for this adventure, but its bigger than it sounds.  In America, it would be easy. Google directions, follow road signs, and ta-da! There you are!  But in Costa Rica its not that easy.  There are no maps.  There are no road signs. There are no street names. There really aren’t any road rules.  We were told, “Turn left out of the house, drive till you can’t drive anymore, turn left, drive till you can’t drive anymore, turn right, keep driving and it is somewhere down on the left.”  Sounds easy enough, right?! But remember, we are driving down and up and around a mountain, down tiny streets with one-way only bridges, steep cliffs, crazy drivers, huge smelly buses, and bicyclists. Every road goes “straight”, but really it twists and turns and forks and bends.

We never made it to Hiper Mas (Raisa is taking me today), but we did find the AutoMercado (super market) that had most of everything we were looking for (shampoo and snacks!!).  And we only got lost once.  When we realized we weren’t in the right place, we started backtracking as best we could, because all the houses and roads and cars start to look alike.  We ended up back at the beginning just a few kilometers from the house we started at.  I have no idea how we did that.

And for many of you who know me, I’m not exactly the most “adventurous” person in the world. Whether it’s a new food or a new activity, I need to know that it is 100% amazing and safe before I’ll even consider thinking about trying it.  But I wasn’t nervous about this one.

As we were driving, Jamie kept saying, “Isn’t this weird. We are driving around Costa Rica. Alone. With our baby.”  Yeah, it was strange, but I realized something.  Between me and Jamie, we know enough Spanish to get what we need to get. We could ask pretty much whatever we needed to ask, and find whatever we needed to find.  Plus, Jamie has driven around this place a few times before. Though I must admit, when we were coming around a curve and he said, “I’ve officially gone farther than I’ve ever driven before”, I felt a little apprehensive.  But we had enough basic knowledge to do what we needed to do without too much danger involved.  And that got me thinking…

How many times in life are we presented with a new situation, a new adventure, but we bail because we are scared or nervous?  If I really stop and think about the reality of the situation I’m in right now, I should be scared. I’m in a foreign country, pregnant, with a 2 year old, for a whole month. What?!  But I know enough about Jamie that he wouldn’t put us in a situation that wasn’t safe. I know enough about the Sanchez family to know that they will take great care of us. I know enough about Costa Rica to know that there isn’t major crime to be concerned about.  And I know that when all my plans fail, Gods got it covered better than I did anyway.

So many times in life we miss major opportunities for growth (both our own and for those around us) because we simply don’t know.  We have to resource ourselves, do our own research, learn everything we can.  There is such a vast amount of information out there, there is no excuse to not know something.  Knowledge is powerful.  Even a small amount of knowledge is powerful. I’m not fluent in Spanish by any means, but I know enough to get my point across.  You don’t have to be an expert in something, but have a general knowledge of the things you are faced with.  Then there is less room for fear and doubt. Your brain can only hold one conscious thought at a time.  So replace those doubts and fears with thoughts of truth and knowledge.

The greatest piece of truth and knowledge we can possess and fill our mind with is the truth and knowledge of God.  Seek out what it is that God says about your situation, and go with that.

So, what adventure can you take today?


One thought on “Mini-Adventure

  1. I like the first sentence 7th paragraph. You might see it as one of my quotes on my FB page with credit to you. I can remember feeling the same way my first 2 trips to Panama. Although I was with a church group with leaders that I trusted with knowledge of the area, I did feel somewhat out of place and always on the alert. But at our nightly meetings I did feel the spirit of God looking over us and our mission. So the mission trips that I was a part of in years to come were a lot less fearful and were with a sense of calm with the knowledge the He is with us always. Thanks Jenn.

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