I’ve been going on mission trips since I was 18, so I know that they will inevitably always take you out of your comfort zone.  But this trip has already pushed me in ways I never expected.  I always expect to be pushed and pulled personally, but I didn’t expect to be stretched as a parent.

I’d like to think of myself as a pretty calm parent (if you think differently, please just let me live in my delusion).  I don’t freak out about too much stuff.  But this really challenged me…

I know kids get dirty. I remember playing in all kinds of mud puddles. Shoot, if it wasn’t “strange”, I would do it now!  But to have my sweet precious not quite 2 year old splashing through the mud… I don’t know… I just didn’t think I was ready for that.  To allow her to run freely, to get dirty, to scream and play, its just a stage I wasn’t ready for yet.  But, ready or not, here it is!

What stuff where you not ready for as a parent?


One thought on “Comfort

  1. Totally know how you feel. When I saw that video i put my place in your shoes and if Caleb would have done that I would have freaked out…LOL. For me, parenthood has made me into someone I never thought I would be. Now, I love schedules, organization and dislike change! I also love to be in control, and I never used to be like that!

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