me too

I brought 2 books with me to Costa Rica, thinking that I would never ever in a million years have any time to actually read any of them.  Well, I apparently forgot that my sweet baby girl takes 2hour naps, which leaves me time to read 🙂 I just finished Plan B by Pete Wilson.  It was book assignment, that I must admit I wasn’t terribly excited about.  I kept thinking, my life is going pretty well, I think I’m living out my Plan A- amazing husband, incredible daughter, another munchkin on the way, just bought a house, and I’m going on a month long mission trip.  How much more Plan A can I get?!  So I started reading the book, kind of holding it at a distance, so to speak.  But within the first few pages, I realized why I was reading the book.

Even though my life is pretty stable right now (praise God), it hasn’t always been. And this book helped me to pinpoint how I had reacted to all those Plan B situations, and how those reactions and lessons learned affect my life today.  One of the most touching things I read in the book was about the concept of “me too”.

Often, when we are going through a situation that isn’t what we thought, planned, desired, dreamed, or wanted, we try to hide it. As if the circumstances reflect on us.  Sure, sometimes we are in those crappy situations because of choices we’ve made, but sometimes things are beyond our control- being laid off, not getting pregnant, parents getting divorced.  But we assume that if people really knew what was going on, that they’d think we were less, less of a person, less of a Christian, less in control, less perfect.  When the truth is, we need to share.  When we see someone going through a hard time, we need to be willing to share ourselves with them.  We need to open up and say, “me too”.  “I’ve been there before. You aren’t alone. You will get through this.”  When we are going through a hard time, open up to people we trust.  Give them the chance to say “me too”.  Its in those “me too” moments that we truly begin to see the love Christ has for us and is pouring through His people.

I went with Raisa to a women’s conference the other night. She was translating for the speaker, and asked me to join her.  The speaker, Linda, was talking about the different states of a woman’s heart (broken, happy, entangled, attacked, in love, etc).  The final stage she talked about was when our hearts are joined with another woman’s heart.  There is something powerful that happens when we open ourselves up and allow ourselves to be joined with the heart of another woman.  Men are great, well… my man is great 😉 but there is something special about a girl friend.  We have to push down those walls, pull off our masks, open ourselves up, and say “me too”.

My challenge for you today-  find someone to share “me too” with.


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