and then there was none

Its strangely quiet around here. Yes, even with 5 Sanchez kids + my toddler, its quiet … comparitively.  For the past 4 weeks, we’ve always had at least 10 other people wandering around, being loud, having fun, playing ping pong, and all that good stuff.  But now they are all gone. Back in America, back to their lives, their families, their jobs.  And we are still here.  On Vacation. Poor us, lol.  We initially planned to go down to the coast, to a quaint little piece of beach called Bahari Beach Hotel.  But, the beach is the beach.  Sand and water, big deal.  I want to see something that I can’t see in North Carolina… like a VOLCANO!

So we made plans to travel up to Arenal Volcano, the one that has been erupting slowly every day for the past many many years.  But when we started adding up the cost of travelling up there, staying in a hotel, entrance fees to all the cool stuff … the Ikea couch I’m dreaming of was starting to fade away.  Sooooooo, we are staying here with the Sanchez’s.  Last night we went and visited the mall (that place was big! and I had never heard of any of the stores!).  Tonight we are going to go see a movie.  Tomorrow we are going to visit Poas Volcano. Its not active right now, but it has some cool lagoons, and it does smoke occasionally.  And we’ll go see a Butterfly Farm and a Tropical Zoo (I don’t care if its caged, I’ll take any monkey sighting I can get!).  We may even visit the Costa Rican History and Art museums.  And we’ve talked about going on the Britt Coffee Plantation tour.  So, I think we’ve got a pretty sweet deal planned.

And then Friday comes, and we’ll be on our way home.  Its bittersweet. I’m ready to get home and start getting our house in order, but I know that I’m going to miss this place.  Well… I guess we’ll just have to come back 🙂

(Miss Jee’s Photography)


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