misadventures and small treasures

This week has been full of many misadventures, things that didn’t go the way they were planned, but we found lots of small treasures along the way. Well, it really started before just this week. When the Med/VBS team went to the beach, we tagged along. About 30 seconds after we pulled up to the beach, it started raining.  But we decided to get out and play anyway.  We started changing Charlotte into her bathing suit and putting on her sunscreen, and suddenly she realized we were back at the beach.  She sucked in all the air in the bus and yelled, “OOOOOOOOOOHHH!!!!!!!!!!! OCEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She was so excited to see the ocean again, that she totally ignored the fact that it was raining and ugly outside.  See- misadventures and small treasures.

Yesterday we decided to not go to Poas Volcano, and as the morning progressed, we were kicking ourselves.  It was a crystal clear morning. And with it being the rainy season and all, that doesn’t happen often.  When its cloudy, you can’t see anything, not even a few feet in front of you up on that mountain!  But instead, we decided to venture to the National Museum of  Costa Rica, down in San Jose.  We had a Google map, which normally would be sufficient for getting anywhere. But we failed to remember that we were in Costa Rica, where streets have no names, and no true maps exist of the ever twisting and winding roads that all lead to the same place— nowhere but where you’ve already been.  So, it took us about 2 hours to drive the 45 minutes down into San Jose.  We took every possible road but the one we actually needed.  When we finally found where we were going, paid the parking guys (who spoke no English AT ALL), and walked a couple blocks to the museum entrance… it had closed about 5 minutes before we got there. Fabulous. So we walked around the old building, which was still cool because it was one of the old military forts.  Costa Rica disbanded the military in 1949 and has converted a lot of the old forts into museums and such (the interweb is so informative).  There were still huge bullet holes in the walls!! There is a small market just outside the courtyard of the museum, where they sell anything touristy you could possibly think of.  Several years ago I bought my FAVORITE pair of earrings there.  So we walked through, and I found another pair of earrings that I love… for $2! Everyone was ooooing and ahhhing over Charlotte with her porcelain white skin and carrot orange hair.  It was a really sweet family time.  But as we were leaving (after another non-productive conversation with the parking guys and a trip to the potty), we discovered that the main road we came in on was a one-way street.  So we had to wiggle around all the one-ways that make up downtown San Jose until we found ourselves back at the main intersection we needed to get outta there.  And that’s when we experienced rush-hour, Costa Rica style.  The rule is, if you don’t make eye contact with the other driver, you don’t have to let them merge in or pull out in front of you. Just keep your eyes glued in front of you, and don’t look anywhere else.  There were cars and buses and trucks all trying to merge around and play musical lanes. All while motorcycles and mopeds scoot around between the vehicles, coming only inches from certain death.  But the strange thing is, no one was mad. Everyone was like “whatever”, where in America you’d have people shooting each other in that kind of traffic jam! So, after we had sat there for a long time, and I was on round number 1,985,432 of The Wheels On The Bus, Jamie spotted a sign for Denny’s. (insert His Cheeseburger song here).  We pulled out of traffic and decided to eat there.  And as we are walking into Denny’s, we see that kids eat free on Tuesday nights.  See- misadventures and small treasures.

So, even when things aren’t going the way you thought or planned, there’s always something sweet just waiting to pop its little head up and say “you’re welcome”.   What small treasures have you found today?


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