the start

The most difficult word in the English language is ‘start’.  (even as i write this, i’ve erased lots of sentences i started! lol)  Its a scary thing to know what you need to do, yet still be faced with the first step, the start.  My life seems plagued with this right now. I know where I want to go, its just that pesky first step that keeps tripping me up!  I have this vision for what I want my life to look like, what I want my family to be like, what I want the world around me to be… but learning to stand up and take that first step in the right direction… I mean, goodness, look how long its taken me to start this post!!

I’ve always been an organized person (though not evidenced by my bedroom, ever!).  And I think sometimes I get what is termed “analysis paralysis”, where I want things to be organized in little color-coded systems, that I get all jammed up when it doesn’t work out like that.  I want the little white boards and my little file folders and I want it all tucked neatly away in my tidy little office next to my freshly sharpened pencils in their nifty and quirky pencil holder.  But my life doesn’t look like that.  Its seems so easy for me to readily see what others need to do to organize their life, to get their junk in order.  I think I need to take a step out of myself, out of my life, and take a look as an objective observer.   In my old job, we took what was called “re-aim days”, where you got away from the office, from people, from your computer, from everything. You only took your planning report for the year, and you went away to really re-aim yourself and your ministry. Are you accomplishing what you said you would? Forget your email, forget facebook… what does God think about the job you are accomplishing??

I need a re-aim day.

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