lessons in capitalism: from yo gabba gabba

My daughter loves Yo Gabba Gabba. And when I say “loves”, picture screaming and jumping with excitement when she sees this…

The other day, she was watching an episode called “Clubhouse”.  Brobee and Muno built a clubhouse, but wouldn’t let Foofa and Tutee play.  Tutee and Foofa begged DJ Lance to make Brobee and Muno let them play.  But DJ Lance said he couldn’t make them because they had built the clubhouse themselves and had the right to decide who could and couldn’t play.  So, Foofa and Tutee went away mad, but were inspired to build their own clubhouse.  When they were done, Brobee and Muno came over and saw how amazing the new clubhouse was and really wanted to play.  Then Foofa and Tutee had a choice – be generous and let the boys play, or treat them they way they were treated.  The girls decided to be generous, and they all played together and had a great time.

Okay, so here’s how it all breaks down.  Entrepreneurs build a business with their own capital, their own sweat, and their own passion.  They own the business, they have the right (personal property!!) to use their property how they see fit.  The government (DJ Lance) cannot dictate how they use their personal property.  Socialism would say that we should spread the wealth around and let everyone share in the work of a few.  But capitalism maintains the rights of the property owner.  And here’s the beautiful part: if the girls had been allowed to play (spread the wealth), then they would never have been inspired to innovate and build their own business.  The world would have been stuck with the shabby clubhouse Muno and Brobee built.

But instead, the girls were inspired to do their own thing, and the world was introduced to a really rockin’ clubhouse!

And, beyond that, the girls created a job! They included Plex in the building of the clubhouse.

I appreciate a child’s show that teaches more complex themes while keeping it fun and dance-y!!


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